Over the past decade, Versa Creations Pte Ltd has successfully launched many full-fledged marketing campaigns. Our account management team is headed by two veteran marketing specialists, each having more than 25 years of experience in regional and international marketing, marketing communications and event management. Backed by on-the-ground knowledge and hands-on experience in marketing, we have worked with many esteemed clients for both online and offline projects. We strive for world changing ideas that transform our clients’ businesses, brands and reputation.



Whether it is online or offline advertising, our team of copywriters, designers and media strategists understand the absolute importance of grabbing your target audience’s attention within those few crucial seconds


Brochures & Flyers

Be it printed marketing materials or e-direct mailers, the magic of your product/service will be convincingly unfolded, with well crafted messages and meaningful images that speak volumes


Branding & Logo

Logo Design is not merely pure creative work. The creative execution must be firmly backed by a branding process to ensure that the logo is a visual short cut that is closely aligned to your corporate personality and character.


Newsletters & Annual Reports

Seen as the best medium to speak to staff, customers, shareholders, and almost any stakeholders; we make them informative yet entertaining to ensure your target audience will flip to the last page


Event & Seminar Management

Whether it is a a large corporate event targeting thousands of people, or a cozy corporate workshop, we have the knowledge, experience and network to manage your event from concept to conclusion.


Print Management

Backed by award winning printing companies that provide pristine print quality, we are poised to provide our clients with a one-stop service from concept to design execution to print


Advertising – Whether it is a newspaper or an e-magazine, we knew we have only that few crucial seconds to stop the readers from moving on, and to focus on our messages. In those short moments, we have to grab attention, entice interest, induce desire and persuade action to be taken. This requires a seasoned team of copywriters, designers and media strategists to put together an effective advertisement. Backed with full-fledge advertising agency experience, you can trust that we have what it takes to create the difference. We definitely understood that few seconds of attention may generate many millions of revenue for our clients. Talk to us to create that significant difference in your advertising campaign.


Brochures & Flyers – A single page flyer or a saddle-wired brochure may shake the earth and set your cash register to continuously ringing if all the details have been taken care of properly. What to say, how to say, what to show, how to show, where to distribute, when to distribute, how to distribute are key elements that determine if your marketing materials – flyers, brochure, direct mailers, vouchers will bring the desired results. Design is just one of the important components and by no means all encompassing. Our creative process may seem to be deceptively simple, and that’s because our experience have honed our skills. Talk to us to create that significant difference in your marketing campaign.


Branding & Logo – Why is a logo design important? Without being over simplistic, a logo can

  • Elicit immediate recognition
  • Be a visual short-cut to convey the company’s personality, character or attitude
  • Relate to your clients by conveying a feeling of familiarity and credibility
  • Association with quality & satisfaction

Logo design is a complex process where you and your brand/logo expert have to dig deep into corporate philosophy, mission, goals, personas; and then look into product features and benefits of your products and/or services. You might even have to understand the employee mindset of the company. And externally, you will want to know what your target audience think of your product or even your competitors’ products. Their perception is important because it is never easy to shift a mindset. Logo design is an important part of corporate branding. Talk to us to create that significant difference in your logo creation or logo revamp.


Newsletter & Annual Reports – Newsletters, Annual Reports and Coffee Table Books are great ways to communicate to staff, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Such information are usually privy to select groups of people and it can sometimes be worthwhile to invest time and effort to produce a beautifully printed physical literature. It will be a memorable keepsake for those who have a special relationship with your company, and an effective marketing tool for those who are getting to know you better. On top of copywriting and design execution, we can support you with art direction and photography to add that extra touch of class. Talk to us to create that better communications tool to your staff, shareholders, and stakeholders.


Event & Seminar Management – When you are running a roadshow at the mall, or conducting an in-house corporate training, you would require an organizer who understands the concerns and requirements of your company, your business partners and the target audience. From local to regional events, from in-house workshops to public seminars; we have achieved fabulous results with the support of in training, motivational and hospitality industries. Leveraging on the strengths of our business partners, we are empowered to offer our clients a unique blend of event and seminar management combined with marketing and promotion. Talk to us to create that an efficiently run event for your staff or end customers


Print Management – Whether you choose to have a few copies or hundreds of thouands copy, we can get your marketing literature printed for you. Equipped with high end off-set and advanced digital printing equipment and facilities, we have a valued source of respectable printing companies who believe in print excellence and punctual delivery. With their invaluable support, we are able to provide full fledge marketing communication service from marketing consultation, design execution, media buying to print management. Talk to us to ensure that your time is well invested as we takes that extra burden off your shoulder

Why you will love Versa Creations Pte Ltd
Experienced Team

You will not find a more dedicated team of professionals and experienced marketers anywhere else. We work with the finest young designers, the brightest copywriters and they are led by a team of experienced agency leaders and marketing heads.

Committed to Results

With every project, every program and each and every campaign that we undertake, the entire team is committed to achieving the results. Creativity, effort and energy are wasted unless they bring real-world results that help to advance your business objectives.

Strong network

When you work with Versa Creations, you do not just get a team. You will have access to our network of partners and industry expertise. Over the years, we have built a strong arsenal to meet every conceivable marketing need.

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Our Happy Clients
What Clients Say About Us
Dear Vivienne:  What I like about you is your concern about my business. Your many, many questions led to my clarity and your ability to craft out an excellently well-planned marketing campaign. All activities are meticulously staged and put to the market progressively. The result is amazing and I’m still receiving positive feedback from my clients. Because of the brochure, flyer, revision card etc etc are all radiating with good, strong energy that my work requires. That’s really, really great. Before engaging a professional marketing consultant like Versa Creations, I used to DIY everything. While I can write my own copy and even brief a freelancer to do up my marketing materials, I now realize that a well conceptualized and well executed marketing strategy plan that spans at least half a year or a year produce much, much awesome results, than an ad hoc, random Move. And, certainly, your creative work has a finesse that most freelancers cannot match up. I’ll definitely trust Versa Creations and you for all my future marketing efforts.

Thank You.

Umesh H Nandwani
Umesh H Nandwani Founder and Lead Trainer, The Golden Space (a Singapore SuperBrand company)
Vivienne brings with her a great wealth of experience in the creative industry. She does her thorough research before coming up with an impeccable brief which makes working with her such a breeze and joy. She’s the kind of entrepreneur anyone, any company with any type budget will benefit a lot from.With her resourcefulness and fiercely guarded drive to produce only quality and result oriented work any business partner or client will greatly benefit from her energy if not her creative marketing solutions.
Lisa Tan-koh
Lisa Tan-koh Co-Founder, Maven Communications Pte Ltd
Vivienne is a fantastic person to work with. She delivers on her promises, and keeps me on track too! A focused person where work is concerned and is well-versed in her subject matter. Her depth of knowledge about how to make blogging work for your business and how to improve on the copy definitely helped me.
Yip Cheu Fong
Yip Cheu Fong Business Associate, Roland Yeo Organisation