Leveraging our expertise in advertising and promotions, we have successfully promoted, and organised world class programs for Personal Improvement with regional and international speakers and trainers like Eran Katz, Deborah Torres Patel, Allan Cheong, etc as well as Corporate Skills and Well-Being.

On top of that, we have also custom build Corporate Training Programs to address challenges faced by companies. Challenges faced could be similar, but each company will require a unique fix because the people made up of the company is different. A common mould therefore will not fit everyone. And we have no intention to use a square peg for a round hole. We believe in understanding your training objectives and the result you wish to attain before customizing a program that support you to resolve the challenges.

Speak to us about your concerns and we can provide one or more of these services to you:

Training Consultancy & Creation

Whether it is to Create Value, Solve Problems or Retain Talent, let us help you custom build a training program to address that specific concern or challenge. Whether you require a Team Building Program to better connect the staff to work in synergy, a result-oriented Sales Training to spur your team to perform at optimal level, or even just an engaging, yet informative Lunch Talk to better the life of your staff; we have the knowledge, experience and the connections to get you the right programs. Because we have done many of such programs, both for ourselves and our clients.


Let us take the hassle of organising your workshops and seminars if you already got your own trainers and your own training programs. We have run programs for up to 3,000 people for a community centre’s Mid-Autumn Festival and have managed the logistics for smaller and more intimate training programs.


If all the above mentioned are well taken care of, and all you need that extra boost for your training program, we can definitely help you get the buzz going. Even in-house programs require a marketing touch to get the excitement stirring and improve the chances of the programs being well attended. Versa Creations is definitely in the right position to add value. We started out as marketing communication specialists, and our intensive involvement in personal and corporate training development over the past few years, empowered us to have the necessary understanding of how to get the buzz going and turn the knot up a level or more