There’s value we can add, there’s leverage we can offer. We believe in world changing ideas that can transform our clients’ businesses, brands, and reputations.

Since 2003, Versa Creations have been an instrumental catalyst that has helped accelerate the growth of our clients’ businesses. We have strengthened brands and built reputation. Between the directors and our staff, we have more than 50 years of marketing experience in retail and the corporate sectors. This has enabled us to take on the most challenging marketing campaigns to ensure that our clients are not only competitive in their respective markets, but that they positively thrive. You will find that Versa Creations constantly seeks to learn and progress, thus, we have broadened our portfolio from print media to digital media, and even moving into training and events management.

Versatile, Creative, Forward Looking.

Versatile, Creative, Forward Looking. We live by these principles.

Our people are our greatest asset. While this may sound cliché, there is no denying the more than half a century of experience of our founders, all focused on bringing the best results for our clients.

Today, we have not only created creative marketing campaigns, we have also promoted and customized seminars, workshops, and training programs. Our team has also worked on SEO and SEM campaigns, with several content marketing programs successfully launched.

The breadth and scope of our services can meet the needs of most businesses. And what we do not have, our network of partners and experts can provide.

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What people are saying…

Dear Vivienne

What I like about you is your concern about my business. Your many, many questions led to my clarity and your ability to craft out an excellently well-planned marketing campaign. All activities are meticulously staged and put to the market progressively. The result is amazing and I’m still receiving positive feedback from my clients. Because of the brochure, flyer, revision card etc etc are all radiating with good, strong energy that my work requires. That’s really, really great. Before engaging a professional marketing consultant like Versa Creations, I used to DIY everything. While I can write my own copy and even brief a freelancer to do up my marketing materials, I now realize that a well conceptualized and well executed marketing strategy plan that spans at least half a year or a year produce much, much awesome results, than an ad hoc, random Move. And, certainly, your creative work has a finesse that most freelancers cannot match up. I’ll definitely trust Versa Creations and you for all my future marketing efforts.

Thank You.

Umesh H Nandwani
Umesh H Nandwani Founder and Lead Trainer, The Golden Space (a Singapore SuperBrand company)
It’s been a pleasure working with such a dedicated and professional individual as Vivienne. I have to remark how well she stays on schedule with tasks and responsibilities, with the budgets given to her to work with and above all, seeing to the pleasure of the clients and participants. Her work encompasses a very high customer service level and I do not hesitate to recommend her (and her wonderful team) to whoever is looking for someone reliable and focused to do the job at-hand. A ‘Star’ performer in her own right indeed.
Lisa Tan-koh
Lisa Tan-koh Co-Founder, Maven Communications Pte Ltd
Vivienne is a fantastic person to work with. She delivers on her promises, and keeps me on track too! A focused person where work is concerned and is well-versed in her subject matter. Her depth of knowledge about how to make blogging work for your business and how to improve on the copy definitely helped me.
Yip Cheu Fong
Yip Cheu Fong Business Associate, Roland Yeo Organisation